Best Time of the Week

Daniel Demaras set the fastest lap of the week at K1 Speed. Demaras came close, setting the 2nd and 3rd fastest laps over the past few weeks. Finally, the top step of the virtual podium!

Fastest Laps of the Week are UP! Big congratulations to for his 1st place 22.152 lap-time 🏆 Daniel Chu took 2nd place just milliseconds ahead of Ahmad Hamdy, in one of our closest races yet! 🏎 Check back in next week to see who makes it to the top of the podium 🏁

1 Response

  1. Congratulations on the best time Daniel and thank you for your Posts suggesting Kart, tire and helmet purchases for our tracks. The racetrack, view and street tracks have yet to be designed. We invite your ideas for that and Computer software suggestions for first aid, signage, etc. Blair

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