In an effort to find that last tenth, Demaras Racing brought a secret weapon to K1 Speed last night for the 130R ‘Official Practice Session’.

So what was the secret that would help set a new track record? Did they put a really good set of matched tires on it? Tires that are matched perfect and staggered special.

No, the secret weapon was data acquisition. With the end of the outdoor karting season, the MyChron 5 that’s normally bolted to Daniel’s steering wheel is just collecting dust on the shelf. The plan was to bring the data acquisition and display gauge and mount it to the K1 Speed kart to use as a data logger…most importantly, to establish times for 3 sectors of the track.

One of the biggest challenges in racing is finding the last fraction of a second. If a racer is completely ‘blowing’ a lap, missing apexes or bashing into the barriers, it’s easy a driving coach to suggest improvements. But when a racer is only a tenth off, it’s difficult to tell if a change to their racing line was an improvement or not. By breaking down the lap into sector times, and making small changes, improvements can be identified.

Having used the MyChron for the past 3 years, Demaras Racing were confident they could map the track, establish sectors, and use AIM’s software Race Studio to find time. Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that the MyChron uses GPS for timing, and K1 Speed being an indoor track, there was no satellite signal.

Back to the drawing board.

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