On Saturday, Chris & Daniel participated in the ILR Car Control School, whose mission is to make better, more responsible drivers. Understanding how to control a car is a key element of safe driving. One of the driving exercises was a skidpad, where drivers had to steer with the throttle to move closer or further from the pylons.

On Sunday, OPP officers released video of juvenile drivers doing donuts in the middle of Highway 409 near Toronto Pearson International Airport. A group of motorists blocked the highway as a driver did donuts in front of onlookers seen filming the stunt. A moment right out of Fast & Furious. The crappy ones. Like 2 Fast 2 Furious.

“This is not only dangerous and illegal, it is disappointing when a mob mentality of hijacking a highway to make a scene like this is conducted,” wrote OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt on social media where he shared the video. “We are better than this…aren’t we?”

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