The 130R Racing Series returned for its second season at K1 Speed with 24 drivers gunning for the top spot, and Daniel looking to defend his title as the 130R Champion.

The racers went out in random groups for qualifying. Based on those times, they were divided into three groups A, B & C for their standing start races.

Dawson Campbell set the fastest qualifying time in with Daniel second and Chris further down the order. It looked as though Dawson and Daniel would go head to head once again, until the final qualifying group, when 3-time Briggs SummerFest winner and 2019 Nissan Micra Cup champion Marco Signoretti took to the track. Despite the qualifying session being Marco’s first time at K1 Speed, his lap time was only a tenth of a second off Dawson’s time, and a tenth quicker than Daniel’s time.

In the Group A final, Daniel knew he’d have to make quick work of Signoretti for a good result. Dawson got away clean at the drop of the green flag. Demaras made an attempt to pass Signoretti at turn 7 on the opening lap, but had to tuck behind the karting champ, and prepare for another attack. This wasn’t going to be easy!

After 2 laps of wheel to wheel racing action, Daniel went to Marco’s inside at turn 2, taking second place. With all that battling, and the time taken to pull off the pass, Dawson had pulled a massive gap, and though Daniel reeled him in slightly in the closing laps, victory was not to be for Daniel, finishing second.

Onto the Group B final where Chris Demaras embraced his new mean persona, after winning the “black flag award” at the recent Monday Nighters race.

Chris started his race well from fourth, making a clean getaway, and attacking for third place. He’d built a small gap behind him, but he knew the always aggressive Dale Goz would take advantage of any mistake.

Demaras set up a passing attempt at the turn 6/7 complex by moving to the inside lane. A short shoot to the next braking zone put Chris on the inside of turn 8… but the outside of turn 9. Contact with a competitor pushed Chris wide, allowing Dale to sneak past both of them! More contact in the tunnel sent Demaras further down the order, before making a last-lap pass on veteran racer Stacy E to finish 6th. Not a great result, but a strong effort.

It’s looking like a season long battle between Daniel and Dawson is in the cards, but strong racers like Ivano and Igor, plus new blood like Marco will surely make the 2019/2020 season of the 130R Racing Series competitive to the very end.

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