Chris and Daniel are quite different. Dad is 30 years older, more than 30 pounds heavier. But they’ve both been racing for the same length of time though, having started karting at Goodwood in 2014.

So, if you’re going to race against your dad, don’t do it on public roads: take it to the track where you’ll get a medal instead of a ticket.

But apparently that never occurred to a New Jersey father and son drag-racing duo, who managed to cause a major crash in the Lincoln tunnel, connecting Manhattan to New Jersey, while racing their Corvettes.

Fred Ordine and his 25-year-old son, Chadwick, were arrested for the crash. Not only were they stupid enough to record themselves racing, and crashing, but Chadwick even fled the scene and posted the video of him and his dad crashing to his Instagram!

A sad sign of the times when people not only risk their own lives and public safety by street racing, but cannot stop themselves from putting it on social media.

Take it to the track!

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