Pocono Superspeedway has been dropped from the 2020 IndyCar schedule. I know all the reasons why…but I have to say that I loved Pocono and going to the ABC Supply 500 with my family this year.

The place was so open and inviting. When we arrived on Thursday night, we just wandered into the paddock and garage areas. The vintage IndyCars were out of the museum, and getting ready for the race track.

The four days we spent at Pocono were a real dream come true.

Seeing some of the classic roadsters made me nostalgic for the good old days of IndyCar racing that I’ve only seen in pictures, way before my time.

On our second night at the track, I met Bob. He was in a $100K motorhome parked right next to me. He was loud, brash, very American…I liked him right away. Turns out Bob Holder’s got a show on FOX Sports Radio AM 1230 & 1320 called ‘After Further Review’ broadcasting from Pocono all weekend. On Saturday morning, as my family was walking into the garage area, we met Bob again. He called me over, strapped some headphones on me, and let me join his radio show for a couple of minutes.

Thanks Bob. For an American who couldn’t tell Toronto from Ontario, you’re a good guy.

~ Chris #16 Demaras ~

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