December 8, 2022

Fake News

~ by Chris Demaras ~

Yesterday I was speaking with a Demaras Racing fan about my big plans for 2020. Rather than boosting up my ego, he said “…Chris, I hope this isn’t fake news, like ‘your’ racing exploits I see plastered amongst Daniel’s videos…”. Wow. And that guy is a friend!

Fueled with bitterness, I went to my local indoor kart track, and behold…I set the fastest time of the day! Got a race win, fastest lap of the day, and if not for Daniel ‘K1NG of Speed’ Chu, would have had the fastest time of the week too!

Technically, that video isn’t from the same day. And it was early in the week, so none of the quick guys had set their ‘fastest times of the week’ yet, or even visited the track. And perhaps the strangers I was racing against were rookies, whereas I’ve done over 8,000 laps at K1. But it isn’t fake news…it’s just a slightly sensationalized story.

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