Driving a Ferrari

The Demaras family has always loved Ferrari. But the closest we ever got was a car show, or watching the Scuderia at the Canadian Grand Prix.

But this year, Santa was good to the Demaras Auto Racing Team. In early 2020, Chris and Daniel will each get 6 laps behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 at Toronto Motorsports Park, in what the famous dragway calls their “Exotic Dream Car Experience”.

“The Exotic Dream Car Experience runs on our 1.8 km road racing circuit and provides you with the opportunity to drive an exotic dream car or late-model American muscle car of your choice from the list below, in a safe and controlled environment. Program designed and run by former professional race car driver and track owner Uli Bieri. Between registration, in-class briefing, two track discovery laps and your drive time, you can expect to be at the track for approximately 2 ½ hours.”

While Chris has been a licensed driver for 25+ years, Daniel won’t even have his G2 drivers license when he drives the Ferrari for the first time.

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