What Does Santa Drive?

Saw a picture of Santa towing home his sleigh on Wednesday after a hard day at work. With the green Christmas we had, Santa took the opportunity to bring out his Austin Healy Sprite for one more drive before winter storage. Which got me thinking. What does Santa drive?

Santa was an early adopter of the automobile, as shown in this 20th century illustration. The advent of the motor-carriage allowed St. Nick increased mobility without the need for more flying reindeer.

But Santa isn’t just about utilitarian vehicles built for one purpose. He’as all about style. For example, this image of Santa in a Bugatti and exactly one package. Guess he got something special for Mrs. Claus that year.

Young at heart, Santa Clause had picked up a ‘blizzard white’ Corvette convertible in the swinging sixties. A perfect weekend get-away car for just him and the Mrs.

And then for the years when Santa’s had too much eggnog and Mrs. Claus has to do the rounds, there’s her sporty Karmann Ghia.

In 2019, Dodge created a one of a kind Challenger Hellcat sleigh for the jolly big man. It really helped get the Christmas gift deliveries done on time.

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