On December 30th, 2019, K1 Speed’s head office announced a partnership with GoPro. Apparently, the cameras are banned at all the US locations (not sure why) but they’ll now be the title sponsor of the monthly racing series (similar to the 130R Racing Series running in Toronto). Looks like 3 lucky Canadians will be getting a new GoPro!

Introducing the 2020 GoPro Challenge GP! During the GoPro Challenge GP, you will be able to film your races! Not only can you use your GoPro, but we will also be giving away 160 GoPro Hero 8s globally! 4 cameras per center in the US and 3 cameras per center internationally.

K1 Speed

This exciting new chapter of our ultra-popular Challenge GP racing series grants racers the exclusive right to use GoPro cameras to record their racing experience. Capture your pole-setting lap and study how you did it. Document your rise through the field and share it with the world. In this series, we actually encourage you to film.

The “Championship Within a Championship”
All-new for 2020, there will be a quarterly championship within the championship. Racers who score the most points every 3 rounds will win a brand-new GoPro Hero8 Black camera (a USD$399 value) – the latest and greatest from the action camera manufacturer we love the most. And this isn’t limited to select locations – every United States location (including Bend, Oregon) will give away 4 cameras per year.

The GoPro Hero8 Black
Super smooth image stabilization, 4k video, four different digital lenses, in-app horizon leveling, high-fidelity audio, waterproof, and so much more. This is the GoPro Hero8 Black. You don’t have to imagine how your go-kart racing footage will look – just take a look at some of the onboard footage we’ve shot for our Instagram since start of December 2019. It’s phenomenal. Trust us – you’re going to want to win one of these amazing cameras.

4 Opportunities to Win a GoPro
Got someone unbeatable in your series? Don’t worry, racers can only win the camera once per year. For example, if Racer A won after the first 3 rounds, then scores the most points the next 3 rounds, they won’t win a second camera. Instead, we’ll give it to whoever scored the next-highest points from those last 3 rounds. With 4 different winners, there’ll be 4 solid opportunities for you to win.

But you can’t win unless you race. So, don’t miss out. Enroll at your local K1 Speed track for the next Challenge GP.

NEW FOR 2020: GoPro Challenge GP participants must be 18 years or older to compete. We also offer a Teen/Junior League for racers not meeting the age requirement.

Challenge Yourself and Join the Ultimate Kart Racing League.
Do you think you have what it takes to go wheel-to-wheel with the best drivers at your local K1 Speed? Then participate in our GoPro Challenge GP racing series – a competitive league that is easy to join, affordable to join, and non-committal. Pick the race or races you want to join at your nearest track and pit yourself against K1 Speed’s fastest kart racers.

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