With the impending withdrawal of ASN Canada from the kart racing scene across the country and the sport seemingly in a state of flux, KartStars Canada has been working diligently behind the scenes and is now coming forward with a plan to preserve the systems and processes that Canadian kart racers have grown accustomed to.

“Karting in Canada has definitely entered another transition period, that’s no secret. Yet with that in mind and as discussions relating to how our sport will be governed in the future continue in earnest, we need to be proactive to ensure karting in Canada continues moving forward and drivers are able to prepare for the season ahead.

“Many in our community are definitely unsure, as since the ASN announcement we have received numerous calls from karters with a variety of questions: How will licensing work? When will the 2020 regulations be posted? How do I secure my racing number for the upcoming season? And the latter is definitely an issue we can address immediately.”

KartStars Canada Principal, Daniel Di Leo.

KartStars Canada is creating a number registry that all clubs and regions can rely on. For karters that strictly race in local club competitions, a race number will still be reserved by your home club with no further action necessary. For those looking to compete outside of their home club and in larger provincial and national events, KartStars Canada will implement the following:

2020 National Number Registry:

For drivers looking to secure a National number for the upcoming season, the following process has been put in place. Please note; your selected number should match your Club number when possible.

Fill out the 2020 Number Registry Form. The form must be completed in full.

The Number ranges from 2019 will remain the same. See below.

  • Briggs Cadet: Choose between (#2 – #99)
  • Briggs Jr Lite and Mini Rok: Choose between (#102 – #199)
  • Briggs Jr and Rok Junior: Choose between (#202 – #299)
  • Briggs Sr and Rok Senior: Choose between (#302 – #399)
  • Briggs Masters and Rok Masters: Choose between (#402 – #499)
  • Rok Shifter and Shifter Masters: Choose between (#502 – #599)

Numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

The number registry will be updated regularly and posted at www.kartsportcanada.ca. Click the ‘KartSport Canada’ button in the top right corner of the home page.

For those who secured a 2020 National number with ASN previously, the data has been acquired and those reservations remain and should appear listed.

Please note 2019 ASN National numbers will be reserved until January 31st, 2020 giving the drivers who held those numbers in 2019 the first right of refusal.

2020 Kart Licencing:

A 2020 club license will be required to participate in all events. That License must be valid and have come from a club previously recognised by ASN Canada FIA. If you are looking for a 2020 license, click this link:

2020 Rules and Regulations:

Industry leaders are currently hard at work creating a National Rule Set. Once confirmed, these rules will be published at kartsportcanada.ca.

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