Canadian Formula 1 rookie Nicholas Latifi will race in 2020 with the No.6.

The main reason is that 6 is so closely linked to Toronto, It’s where I’m from, where I was raised, and the city I’m proud to be representing. Toronto is widely referred to as ‘The 6’, which is partly down to Drake, who’s also from Toronto. He mentions the name in one of his early songs, and one of his albums was originally called ‘Views from the 6’.

It also happens to be the number I used for three out of my four seasons in Formula 2. Although that was more by chance, as DAMS was given 5 and 6 because of the finishing positions in the championship. But as soon as we had those numbers, I knew immediately which one I wanted!

Nicholas Latifi

Latifi will race with Williams F1 in 2020, joining fellow Canadian Lance Stroll who races with Racing Point F1.

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