Below is a press release from Club de Karting de Montreal. While neither the Demaras Racing team nor the PRO team race at the Quebec tracks, some of the snarky language in the press release shows the tension between Ontario and Quebec regional tracks and organizations.

Important information about kart numbers and racing licences

We have received questions regarding the announcement by Kartstars Canada that they has created a “national registry for kart number”s. Please be advised that this registry can only apply to Ontario and not to Quebec for the same reasons that we have been unable to use the ASN Canada registry for the past two years.

This is because the known electronic equipment management software (tires, engines, chassis) are all based on the fact that a number can only be used by one competitor in the entire event to avoid equipment assignment errors. Since organizations in Ontario do not use this electronic equipment, there is no need for them to follow the single number rule, which is very important to us.

For the Coupe de Montréal, we will still use the single number system managed by Auto Sport Québec. For drivers who wish to keep the number they had in 2019, please note that this number is reserved for you until March 31st. You can keep your number if you apply for a license before this deadline. After March 31st, the “first come first served” policy will apply. If you come from outside Québec and raced at the Coupe de Montréal in 2019, you can secure your number by sending an e-mail to Auto Sport Québec before March 31st. If you come from outside Québec and wish to race in Québec in 2020, you will have to wait until April 1st to contact ASQ and ask for a number.

Reminder to all karting competitors. This year the licence application will be done to Auto Sport Québec online or by paper. Competitor’s number must be reserve with the licence application.

With a LICENCE LOISIR (“leasure licence“) you will be able to race in:

  • Club championships (Coupe de Montréal, SC Performance, Série Karting Tour Québec)

With a LICENCE PROVINCIALE (“provincial licence“) you will be able to race in:

  • Club championships
  • Québec Championship (constituted of 3 races)
  • All regional races in Canada
  • At the Florida Winter Tour and SKUSA Championship (arrangements taken for 2020)

To apply for your racing licence to AUTO SPORT QUEBEC:

  • Membership card from an affiliated club.
  • Licence application form:
  • Medical: if under 50 y.o. medical self-declaration
  • Medical: if 50 y.o. or over, medical form
  • Annex 1 – If driver is a minor: Annual parental consent
  • Annex 2 – Class and number application
  • Picture (JPEG) – head & shoulder, without hat, cap or sunglasses
  • Payment with Paypal or by cheque made out to Auto Sport Quebec

For any question related to the Club de Karting de Montreal membership, please contact Patrick Moreau at (514) 312-1711 ext 223. For any question related to the racing licence of kart numbers, please contact Auto Sport Quebec at (514) 252-3052.

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