Sponsorship is a partnership. And Daniel Demaras has been fortunate to have long-term sponsors like KPMG behind him since day one. Demaras works hard to make sure his current sponsors stick with him all the way to the big leagues. The 2020 sponsorship proposals have been mailed out, and Daniel is hoping for the best.

Demaras is a motivated, social-media savvy young racer. He understands that sponsorship has nothing to do with the sticker on the race car. It’s a partnership. Daniel exclusively uses K1 Race Gear racing suits because of their features, durability and value. What better way to promote a brand than by showing how their products really work.

Sponsorship is so critical to motorsports. Sure, you need talent and speed to get you to the top of the podium, but without funding, you can’t even make it to the race track.

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