Demaras Racing is a family of speed freaks…but they’re a family first. The great thing about kart racing is that race tracks are always out in the country, and the whole family can go camping only a few clicks away.

The 2020 RV Show gave the family a chance to see the latest and greatest on the market. Michelle would like to see something more kid-friendly in the family fleet. A cozy camper and a car sized just right for her.

Alice Demaras still wants to upgrade to the classic all-aluminum Airstream. She likes the cute looks of the Bambi, but prefers the luxury of the Flying Cloud and International Serenity models.

For Chris, towing something as iconic as the Airstream isn’t as simple as hitching it to the back of a vanilla ice-cream F-150. No, the Airstream is from the golden age of automotive design, and must be towed behind a DeSoto Airflow or a fat-fendered ’47 to ’55 Chevy ‘Advance-Design’ pickup. Something equally as curvaceous.

Or on the other hand, something completely different…

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