June 30, 2022

130R Race 5 (Group 1)

Round 5 of the 2019/2020 Season of the 130R Racing Series took place on Monday, March 16th…right in the middle of the panic over “The Virus”. Even the parking lot was a demonstration of social distancing.

Only 15 members of the 130R Racing Series showed up for the race, and with less than a dozen regular people present for public races, everyone in the race series had a chance to go out and get warmed up before qualifying.

Daniel started in fourth place behind Ross Sortino, Scenic Gopi and Ahmad Hamdy. A bad start saw Ivano Di Vittorio and Nico Hines get by Demaras, but Daniel regained a position from Ivano a lap later. After smart defending from Nico, Daniel decided that rather than trying to make the pass on Nico for 3rd, he would push him to catch the lead pack of Scenic and Ahmad who were locked in a battle with one another.

The drafting was successful, and after a few laps, Daniel tried following Nico past Scenic in turn 6, but after making the pass, contact from behind sent Daniel sideways, dropping four positions. Aggressive passing in the hairpin gained Daniel back two of those positions, but he had to go on the hunt to take back his podium. When Demaras caught Scenic Gopi, the rival put Daniel into the wall multiple times with his dreadful defending. Daniel crossed the line in fifth.

While some spectators cheered at the carnage on track, many in attendance at Race 5 felt that things had gone too far. Blocking a pass by driving the other guy into the wall. Crashing into a rival under braking, spinning him out to steal his podium. Ugly overtaking attempts, and dangerous defense. Is this really racing?

Demaras left the track extremely frustrated. He always tries to race clean, but not following the law of the jungle and intentionally crashing into his competitors to get ahead … could cost him.

Daniel enters the last round of the 2019/2020 130R Racing Series with a 24 point advantage over Ivano Di Vittorio, 27 points over Dawson Campbell and 33 points over Igor Manukhov. With a maximum of 35 points up for grabs, Daniel Demaras must finish fourth or higher to defend his 130R title.

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