Walkinshaw Automotive Group

Amid bad news of “The Virus” here’s another good news story shared by Demaras Racing about a team racing to help in time of crisis.

Race team owner Ryan Walkinshaw says the Walkinshaw Automotive Group is ready to help Australia face a potential shortage of hospital ventilators.

As the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, Walkinshaw – a part owner of the Australian Supercars series Walkinshaw Andretti United squad – has contacted government departments to offer assistance. He reckons his Walkinshaw Automotive Group company, which builds right-hand drive Chevrolet products for the Australian market, could use its 3D printing facilities to quickly make medical equipment such as ventilators.

“We have actually put our hand up to make medical supplies, and primarily ventilators, for Australia. We have messaged various government contacts to explore this. Awaiting further response. The time to act is now, though, not in four weeks. To help emergency departments treat patients affected by COVID-19, we have raised our hand to help both Federal and Victorian governments to design, engineer and assemble any emergency medical equipment that be made with a 3D printer. We would need the blueprints to the design of these ventilators, but we can help once we have the right information.”

Ryan Walkinshaw
Walkinshaw Andretti United

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