As the virus keeps everyone indoors, there’s been a lack of traffic on the streets of Toronto. Empty roads have reduced pollution and nearly eliminated pedestrian-vehicle incidents. But one unintended consequence was cooped-up Toronto drivers using the nearly empty roads as their “personal racetrack”.

Toronto police reported on Sunday that they had charged 18 motorists street racing. A group racing on the DVP at speeds up to 171 kilometers per hour were charged with “stunt driving” under Highway Traffic Act. Section 172 defines stunt driving as doing donuts, wheelies or racing on public roads as a wager. But it also applies to anyone exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h.

A stunt driving charge results in a driver’s vehicle being impounded, combined with an immediate license suspension and a fine of up to $10,000. The roads are dry, and summer cars are out of hibernation. Toronto Motorsports Park, the closest track (that normally has open track days) is closed indefinitely. Even karting tracks like Goodwood and K1 Speed are shuttered. And the southbound DVP is shaped like a racetrack as it flows into the downtown core.

But people, street racing isn’t just illegal, it’s extremely dangerous and could easily result in a crash. And the last place anyone wants to be right now is in a hospital.

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