One of the best products on the market is the Cambox Meca, which mounts inside the helmet, at the top of the eye-port. This provides a driver’s eye POV to assist in training. Helmet mounted cameras have come a long way.

Demaras Racing has been using the Cambox for more than a year, both for instructional purposes, and to shoot video of fun races, like the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed. This week Cambox France, Cambox Australia and Cambox USA shared a Demaras Racing video on their social media channels. What a surprise!

Sure, Cambox is promoting their own product, but it was an honour to have something filmed here in Canada be seen in other countries.

Cambox has also gotten involved in producing emergency face shields utilizing their bank of 30 3D Printers, similar to what Demaras Racing and PRO have been doing for several weeks here in Canada. Cambox is an impressive product and impressive company.

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