First Practice of 2020

~ by Chris ‘#16’ Demaras ~

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on track. Everything felt weird. Was I supposed to be seated like that, because I felt like I couldn’t even reach the steering wheel.

I wasn’t taking any chances. Got my mask under my balaclava and another mask taped to vent on my helmet.

I decided to watch the previous group ‘shake of the rust’ and to see if I remembered the racing line around the track.

Watching someone put it in the dirt at turn 7B reminded me not to take every corner flat out. Slow in, fast out. Good thing I have my mask on, because that’s a lot of dust!

Four racers going through 7A and 7B plus a fifth pointed the wrong direction…I assume with his eyes closed.

I felt a lot better when I found Rocco and his boy Santiago from New Speed Motorsports. I spent all winter with these guys at K1 Speed and I’m glad to see them at Goodwood too.

Finally on track, and I was breathing so heavy I fogged up my visor. Just calm down Chris…you’ve done this before.

At the end of my 40 laps my wrists were tired and my biceps a little sore. I’m really out of practice, but I got to hang out with Justiniano, The Migster, Santiago and Rocco until Kyle Rennie finally kicked me out.

Exhibition race on Friday. I think I’m ready.

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