The shutdown of 2020 affected everyone and every business in Toronto. That’s what makes this story so special. Nostalgia Coffee Company, an eclectic and independent East York cafe, are continuing to sponsor Daniel Demaras for the 2020 racing season.

Glenda and Ronnie at Nostalgia have a special place in Daniel’s heart. While their financial support helps keep Daniel on track, it’s their support of Demaras’ charity initiatives that really count. Nostalgia was the location of Daniel’s very first R2ENDALZ charity fundraiser last year. The community event raised nearly $1,000 on a Saturday morning with a just a racing simulator, pit-stop challenge and Daniel’s racing kart on display.

Now in 2020 Nostalgia Coffee Co. looks a lot different. The cafe is an example of social distancing. All the cozy tables and nooks have have been removed, and there’s safety glass over the counter protecting customers and staff. What’s the same since day-one in 2012 is Nostalgia’s commitment to healthy cooking. Fresh meats and vegetarian meals to satisfy the local foodies starts at 7:00 am each morning.

Call (416) 755-3675 to place an order in advance, or just drop by Nostalgia Coffee Co. at 855 O’Connor Dr in East York (near St. Clair Ave East) and enjoy a hidden gem in the east end of Toronto.

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