2020 CRKC Round 2

July 3rd – 4th – 5th 2020 was a triple-header race weekend for Demaras Racing. Chris, pumped by his podium finish at CRKC Race 1 a week earlier, again competed at Goodwood Kartways on Friday, while Daniel raced at Innisfil; IKC Race 5 on Saturday and CKC Round 1 on Sunday. Despite his fear of being struck by a bolt of lightning, Chris prayed to the racing gods for speed.

In Free Practice 1, Chris set a solid 38.2 second lap, which would turn out to be his fastest of the night. He was filled with confidence about the race, despite being up against tough competition.

During qualifying, Chris was lucky to get out on track right behind his rival, Andy. Evenly matched, Demaras did not attempt to pass Texeira, but rather, just stayed in his draft; pushing the pair across the timing line. Chris edged out his friend to pole position by 0.02 seconds!

CRKC Race 2 was also the second event for young racing sensation TheMigster. With his loving and supportive family to support the young lion, Miggy made the sign of the cross while sitting in the kart, then went out and put it on pole!

There was no stopping him this night. TheMigster took the green flag and lead every lap, never being challenged by his competitors. When the gap behind him closed up, Miggy put his head down and laid down blistering lap times, all the way to the finish line. For Demaras watching track side, it was a heartwarming moment to see the young man take his first victory at Goodwood. It made Demaras nostalgic about the first time his own son Daniel won a CRKC race, and what a moment it was.

Chris started his race from first place, felt the characteristic bump from behind as rivals closed in at Turn 1, then pulled away from the pack. For Demaras the slicing and dicing of the other racers behind him allowed him to open up a sizable led, and Chris is seen visibly pleading with race director Logan Ploder to throw the checkered flag early. “We’ve done enough laps, throw the checkers!” shouted Demaras, much to the amusement of race officials.

Crossing the finish line was a special moment for Chris as friends from the track like Kyle, Logan and Mattie cheered. Chad Webster was waiting with a high-five as the karts pulled off the track for the night.

When the races were run, and the podium ceremonies were complete, Chris had an opportunity to share the top step of the podium with his fellow racer, TheMigster.

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