KartStars Canada is a regional series bringing competitors in from across Ontario. It’s unique format provides racing over 2 days for 2-cycle classes, and single day competition for 4-cycle classes, such as Briggs Masters that Daniel competes in. On the advice of his team, Daniel decided to race in KartStars Senior, a catch-weight category partway between Briggs Senior (340 lbs) and Briggs Masters (375 lbs).

Without any pressure for results, Daniel started his day 8th in morning warm-up. Running on warn-out practice tires, but a very slick looking new livery.

The race format was unusual, providing a qualifying session followed by Heat Race 1 and Heat Race 2. Demaras was classified 7th in each session. His performance was consistent, and on fresh qualifying tires, Daniel set a personal best time of the day with his 43.033 second lap.

Working for the first time with Enzo Chiovitti Jr, the day was supposed to be a day long practice session in preparation for the Briggs Masters race scheduled for Sunday. Demaras had his first opportunity of the year to race Skylar his back-up race engine, after his number one race engine Uniqua powered him to three podium finishes. Unfortunately, Skyler just didn’t put out the same level of power, so it would be down to Daniel’s driving skill to bring the result. Demaras started the pre-final P7.

The race started with promise, with Daniel holding his position against aggressive rivals. As two competitors karts collided on the exit of Turn 5, Daniel saw his opportunity for a double overtake. As he drove around the outside of Turn 6, the battling pair collected Daniel, pushing him off track. Demaras scrambled to return to the track, running wide in Turn 7 before being hit again sending him into a half-spin. Two more karts drove over the No 412’s nosecone before a final kart T-boned the right side of Demaras kart, bending a spindle.

Despite kart damage and a flattened fairing, Demaras soldiered on, setting his fastest lap on the 9th circuit in the closing stages of the race. Daniel put in a recovery drive, dragging his kart back up to 12th.

Leonard D’Arrigo and Enzo Chiovitti attacked the No. 412 as soon Daniel returned to the paddock. Chris Demaras became very good friends with Marco Di Leo this weekend, heading back to the parts shop multiple times.

Showing battle-scars, New Speed Motorsports had repairs done, and Demaras ready to attack the track in the Final.

Despite starting 12th in the Final, Daniel used the draft, racecraft and aggression to move his way up to 8th position at the checkered flag.

It was an up and down day. Demaras improved as the kart was fine tuned by Leonard, Enzo and Liam helping Daniel improve his lap times, cutting his gap to the leader from 1.080 sec. in morning practice to 0.565 sec. in the Final. Not bad for an under-weight Master running in KartStars Senior. After the highs of last lap, last corner passes to a pretty rough impact, Daniel ended the day exactly where he started, finishing the day P8.

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