Canadian Karting News is a media company dedicated to the sport of karting, especially focused on Canadians competing domestically and internationally. Daniel Demaras started writing for CKN as a ‘guest blogger’ in 2018.

For a change this week, Daniel’s name appeared in two CKN articles by virtue of Demaras’ strong drives at this weekend’s races in KartStars Round 2 at Innisfil Indy. In Saturday’s article, Cody Schindel wrote about the exciting battle between veterans Marc Stehle, Steve MacVoy, Levon Beaudin and young Demaras.

Saturday CKN Article:

After a morning and afternoon of action, it was finally time for the Finals and the Briggs Masters started things off perfectly. While round one winner Marc Stehle (Charles Leclerc Kart) jumped out to an early lead, Steve MacVoy (Ricciardo Kart), Levon Beaudin (BirelART) and Daniel Demaras (Intrepid) worked together to close in before the halfway mark of the race. Unfortunately for MacVoy, his race came to an early end when the visor of his helmet broke off in the infield section, leaving it down to a race of three.

As the laps ticked off, Demaras was the only driver to make a move, slotting into second ahead of Beaudin. As the trio took the white flag it was go-time and Demaras made a move for the lead in corner three. Exiting side-by-side with Stehle, the duo traded rubber through corner four, five, six and seven before Demaras was finally able to complete the pass. Up the hill, he defended a little too hard and it opened up just enough room for Stehle to sneak up the inside and overtake before the final corner. With a final push from Beaudin, Demaras slipped back to third while Stehle scored his second win in a row.

Sunday’s CKN Article:

Two Briggs drivers muscled their way around the Innisfil circuit to secure their second race wins of the weekend. Zach Boam (BirelART) added the Kart Stars Senior win to his Briggs Senior win the day prior and Gavin Goldie (Exprit Kart) did the opposite, winning his Junior Lite Final following up from Saturday’s Kart Stars Junior win.

Boam had Levon Beaudin (BirelART) and Daniel Demaras (Intrepid) join him on the podium, while Christian Menezes and Braeden Fowler were on the podium with Goldie.

Thank you Cody Schindel for the good publicity, the mentions in the articles and the incredible photographs!

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