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Two months ago, I hadn’t even met Leonard. I knew he wrenched his way to the Karting World Championships with my friend Andrew Waring back when Waring still was racing karts. Now, after working with Leonard for the first few races of the season, I got to watch him race.

After a long race weekend at Innisfil, I went to Goodwood to watch the first Moradness race of 2020. The paddock was filled with people, some from club racing, others from arrive and drive, and others who’d never raced before.

Leonard’s Team MoRad Than You took pole positionahead of Team Backmarkers.

The field did a pace lap and then got ready on the grid for a standing start. The green flag flew and 16 arrive and drive karts roared off the start. Team MoRad Than You set great pace off the start, taking off from the pack, while the drivers behind fought tooth and nail.

After building up a healthy lead, the first pit stops rolled around. Leonard swapped into the kart. After pushing hard to stay ahead of the competition while exiting the pits, he smashed the exit kerb in turn 5 and sent the outside wheels into the air. After getting better settled into the kart, Leonard began increasing the gap behind and working his way through lapped karts.

Team MoRad Than You dominated the race, despite picking up some penalties along the way.

After almost two hours of chaotic racing, Team MoRad Than You took the checkered flag, completing 159 laps around Goodwood Kartways/

The Moradness Karting Championship got off to a crazy start, but Leonard and Team MoRad Than You weathered the storm to take a dominant victory.

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