Friday July 31 was a very long day at the track for Chris Demaras. He arrived at Goodwood with his son Daniel just before 8:00 am to prepare the No. 412 New Speed Motorsports kart for practice in advance of TRAK Race 6. Engine issues interfered with Daniel’s preparation for the new track layout. Seven hours later, Chris sent young Daniel home to rest up for Saturday’s the big race. Chris got his race suit on for CRKC Race 4, and before qualifying, worked on replacing the race motor in the No. 412 kart.

Chris put down his wrenches and went on track for practice. Demaras had his hands full as the “reverse-track” layout Daniel practiced on was changed to “mid-track” configuration. Chris had never seen this layout used in his previous years in CRKC. Everyone would be starting from scratch figuring out eh double-apex left hander.

Demaras effectively used the draft behind Race 3 winner Ramees Khaja to take pole position with a 42.20 second lap. Starting out front, Demaras knew he would be a target on the opening lap, and planned a defensive line through the first few corners until he could build a gap and return to the normal racing line. That was the plan, anyway.

Chris’ little friend ‘The Migster’ raced in CRKC Race 4. In fact, the whole Montano family hung out with Chris, Rocco and Santiago under the NSM tent while Demaras continued wrenching on the No. 412. Miggy adapted quickly to the new track layout, and qualified P2.

Unfortunately for The Migster, the timing of his pass for the lead was outside the rules of CRKC (where Lap 1, Turn 1 passes are forbidden) and he was black flagged from the lead of the race which he would surely have won.

The Migster was disappointed, and needed a rapid infusion of ice-cream to console himself. Demaras’ NSM teammates Rocco and Santiago went home to get some sleep. Chris focused on the task at hand; win the race

Pole position can be a lonely place.

Not being able to see which competitors have lined up behind allows a racer to focus, but it’s an isolating feeling. Demaras was glad that his friend Trevor Reeve (of Reeve Webster Racing) had arrived at the track early enough to see the race. Chad Webster was out on track, flagging Turns 7A and 7B. Demaras giggled a little inside when he remembered that he was wearing a “Drive it Like You Stole It” Chad Webster T-shirt on under his race suit.

When the race started, Demaras attacked the track and never looked back. He lead the race from green flag to checkered flag, and never saw another competitor until the podium.

Chris was so excited at his second win of the year, he unzipped his race suit to show off his Reeve Webster Racing shirt to Chad when passing his post on the cool down lap.

More than 12 hours after arriving at the track, Chris climbed on the podium for the fourth straight time in 2020, including his second win from pole position. The podium wasn’t so lonely after all.

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