NATIONALS: Thursday Recap

Official practice for the KartStars Canada National Championship started early on Thursday morning. Racers experimented with different setups in search of ultimate speed.

New Speed Motorsports’ Daniel Demaras drafted closely with Dave Anderson on track sharing the track with speedy Seniors in combined practice sessions. Rocco Simone did double duty in Briggs and ROK, while Elijah Joshi practiced in KartStars Junior and Briggs Cadet. ROK race winner Santiago Ramirez showed incredible speed as he tries for the big win.

The most intriguing run of the day was NASCAR and IMSA racers Anthony Simone jumping back into a racing kart for the first time in 20+ years. The NSM team kids just had to see the boss out on track with their own eyes.

Simone commented several times about the lack of suspension on the karts (compared to his regular rides) and how it even effected his vision! Late in the day the team learned an additional 23 lbs of ballast was needed, but Leonard D’Arrigo wasn’t about to let his friend get beaten on track. Rapid wrenching, including switching to a softer axle helped the boss top the time sheets in the final session of the day, half a second clear of the field!

As the checkered flag flew to signal the end of on-track activity, New Speed Motorsports looks poised for a great weekend!

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