~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

James Treadwell, the team principal at VRS (the team Daniel raced for in his rookie season) always encouraged his drivers to race Nationals. See where the racers stack up against the best in the country. In 2020, we finally took Treadwell’s advice.

In his fourth year of club kart racing, my son Daniel reached the front of the grid. He’s a contender every weekend. Consistent podium finisher, race winner with pole positions and fastest laps. We even added extra shelves to the trophy case!

New Speed Motorsports has been very supportive of Daniel. Anthony Simone and Max Preston truly care about how Daniel performs, and want to see him do well.

Leonard D’Arrigo? He makes sure Daniel gets the maximum out of a race weekend. The kart is always set-up right, nothing is overlooked. More importantly, he’s teaching Daniel a winners mindset. Helping him believe in himself.

Daniel struggled as a rookie in Briggs Junior against kids who’d already raced in Briggs Cadet. He was too young when he moved up to Briggs Senior…and had to learn fast.

Now in Briggs Masters, Daniel is able to compete equally. And he’s getting the results he deserved after three years of hard work. As a father, I couldn’t be more proud of him.

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