Max Speed

New Speed Motorsports co-owner Max Preston was at Shannonville Motorsports Park for the NSM NASCAR Test Days on Thursday and Friday. He was there to keep everyone calm and relaxed, and help with driver training.

Max took Daniel, Zach, Nolan and Jake (plus Thursday driver Liam) out in Chris Demaras’ lifted CMC pickup truck to show the boys the ‘racing line’. While the vehicle was big enough to fit six passengers, Max said it “…felt like I was driving a building…”.

Max then demonstrated the racing line at speed in a C7 Corvette with one of the racer’s mom as his passenger!

Max’s main message to the drivers in NSM’s NASCAR Test Day was that they were not competing against each other, and shouldn’t be trying to top Anthony Simone’s lap time. The message was to enjoy the experience, show that you deserve to be there by pushing yourself further each session…but don’t throw it off the track!

Taking a bunch of teenage racers and putting them in a 600 HP beast of a car on a closed course…he knew they wouldn’t listen.

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