The editorial staff at DEMARAS.COM don’t get involved in politics. This website is about racing, motorsports and cars. But as of 9:00 am on Friday…days after the Tuesday’s US Presidential election…a winner still hasn’t been declared. So, we decided to put an automotive spin on the week’s big news story.

Biden VS Trump: Who is the Bigger Car Guy?

It’s hard to picture Trump driving a car. Golf cart…yes. Car…no. Despite not appearing to be much of a “car guy” Trump did impress many in the motoring community by taking “The Beast” Presidential limo to the Daytona 500 this year and turning parade laps.

When you think of Biden you think of trains. One of Amtrak’s busiest stations in Wilmington, Delaware was renamed “The Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station” after the former VP. Many elected officials in the US are required to surrender their driver’s licenses, but Biden still owns a 1967 Corvette convertible, which he occasionally drives on private property only (with permission from the Secret Service). That’s a car guy.

The winner: Diamond Joe Biden

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