McLaren F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and former McLaren F1 driver Jenson Button put some Ricciardo Karts through their paces at Auto Club Speedway’s kart track in sunny California.

Oh the shame of Ricciardo plowing into the back corner of Button’s kart during an ill conceived overtake maneuver. Almost makes you think you’re watching a Briggs Masters race at Goodwood!

The scenes in the paddock, seeing Ricciardo hoist his kart off the stand like a regular club racer, and watching the data guy compare data points on the laptop…it all seems so familiar. It looks like a test day with PRO or NSM at Goodwood. Between these two drivers there’s 22 Grand Prix wins and one World Championship, yet the data guy didn’t hold back when telling Ricciardo how to take a corner properly. Humbling moment.

Forty-one year old Button, the 2008 World Driving Champion, was all smiles having beaten a current F1 driver on track.

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