Finding the right car can be tricky. There’s so many boring cars on the market, it seems like the only choices are vanilla ice cream SUVs and soul-less ‘crossovers’. Many modern cars insulate the driver from road feedback with over-boosted power steering and soft suspension. However, there are some cars available that are still … raw.

For example, this 2003 “bug-eye” Subaru WRX.

The WRX or “World Rally eXperimental” is an all-wheel drive, sport compact car, based on the Subaru Impreza but with stiffer suspension, plus a turbocharged and intercooled engine. This specific car, manufactured just after the turn of the century, is a GD variant of the WRX; an early example of Subaru’s rally car for Canadian streets. The vehicle was originally sold at Scarboro Subaru late 2002 (by young Guy V. himself) and has remained in the east Toronto area ever since. The car has gone through a number of owners, had a few rough years, but is a solid car with only 116,000 km on the EJ20 engine.

While the vehicle needs work, this may become the next car added to the Demaras Racing fleet…which currently consists of one kart.

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