Speedway Vaccinations

Human interest articles or ‘feel-good’ stories are hard to find some days. But motorsports can always be counted on to make people smile.

News broke today that the latest mass vaccination site in Indiana will be at the corner of 16th and Georgetown in Indianapolis. That’s right…residents of the speedy state will be able to get their shot of the vaccine at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Shots will be administered between March 5th and 7th (this weekend) and in the spirit of the Indy 500, drivers will stay in their car during the vaccine pit-stop.

Drivers will head into the Formula 1 pits for the injections, before speeding through Turn 1 and into the parking lot to pit for 10-15 minutes before being cleared to head back out onto public roads. With such a huge facility accustomed to handling massive crowds, the hope is that many residents will be vaccinated…allowing some to return as spectators for the upcoming Indy 500!

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