When people around the world think of Toronto, two things immediately come to mind; the late, great Mayor Rob Ford and the Honda Indy Toronto. Over the past few years, the city has lost both.

In 2020 the race was cancelled due to ‘the virus’, and recently the City of Toronto announced the cancellation of all major in-person events until July 1st 2021. This includes Canada Day celebrations, the Toronto Marathon and the Jazz Festival. But an article on RACER points out that the Honda Indy Toronto may avoid being axed by local COVID restrictions. IndyCar’s lone Canadian race is scheduled for July 9th to 11th, just past the date restrictions have been extended to.

It’s worth noting that Toronto Mayor John Tory’s press release did not include the Honda Indy Toronto in the list of major events whose event permits have been cancelled. Race promoter Green Savoree Race Promotions is rumored to have special permission to begin construction of the temporary street circuit in the month leading up the the big race.

The Toronto street race has been an almost annual event since 1986 and reportedly generates over $50 million in revenue for the local economy. Daniel Demaras and Chris Demaras have attended the race in its different guises such as the (CART) Molson Indy, (CCWS) Steelback Grand Prix and the (INDYCAR) Honda Indy Toronto. There’s two fans who are really hoping the event returns for 2021.

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