Last week, New Speed Motorsports boss Anthony Simone shared a Toronto Sun article on his social media feed.

On most spring and summer nights around the GTA, a suburban parking lot was the scene of an impromptu car show. Since social distancing restrictions are still in effect in Ontario, police received calls about a “large gathering of car enthusiasts” near Harmony Rd and Taunton Rd. Police dispatched cruisers to break up the ‘event but commented that more people are out as the weather warms up.

Normally, impromptu car meets are ignored by police. A bunch of guys in a parking lot is not exactly a menace to society. Yes, some of them have loud exhausts and louder car stereos…but it’s just people peacefully hanging out. But during these ‘challenging times’ there’s a limit of 5 people for outdoor gatherings, so the police had no choice but to break up the car show.

Getting back to veteran racer Anthony Simone, he pointed out something obvious that many people may not have given much thought to yet. Spring training at Goodwood Kartways is currently scheduled for less than a month from now. How are we going to have 100 racers plus their mechanics and family members all at the track at the same time?

Will the kart racing season even start as scheduled? Stay tuned…

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