Earlier this week, just before the suspension of motorsports in Ontario, Chris Demaras made the usual drive up the DVP to Goodwood Kartways. Chris had appointment with Marco to pick up the new kart Daniel Demaras would be racing in the 2021 Toronto Racing Association of Karters series.

Besides the all-white kart, Marco had prepared more than a dozen karts for pick up from new and returning racers. The season was 100% ready to start before the provincial stay at home order put the brakes on everything.

The new kart is an evolution of last year’s chassis design, though slightly narrower, and with a vastly improved braking system. Daniel’s kart in particular is a mash up of OTK sidepods on titanium crash-bars, plus an Intrepid nosecone and fairing. Even the steering wheel spokes have been re-profiled to better fit the MyChron 5 timer.

In automobile manufacturing, a “Body In White” refers to a stage in assembly where the body and frame are joined together before painting (and usually before the engine, glass, door handles, seats, upholstery). So, it’s not totally accurate to use the term referring to this kart, but it does make sense. Because it will never look this white again!

Stashed away in Garage K-12, the new kart is ready to race. Chris even picked up extra spindles and steering columns, just in case.

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