The Demaras family has always had a special affection for Minis. Chris had a 1979 Austin Mini before the turn of the century, and Daniel learned to drive in his mom Alice’s late model Mini Cooper S.

How exciting to learn the electric Mini would become the official Safety Car of the FIA Formula E series. It’s like seeing the family car at an FIA world championship level event.

The safety car, dubbed the Pacesetter, started life as an electric Mini Cooper SE model, but with the interior comforts and sound-proofing insulation removed, it is 130 kg lighter than stock. The side skirts and spoilers are 3D printed from recycled carbon fiber are painted bright orange, adding visual interest to the aero enhancements.

The Mini Electric Pacesetter made it’s debut last weekend at the Rome e-Prix, and as expected with a Formula E street race, the Safety Car spent plenty of time on track thanks to all the yellow flags. During all that screen time, the resemblance of the Mini to the CBC kid’s show “Big Block Sing Song” became too obvious to miss.

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