The 2009 Brawn F1 car will always be remembered for taking 8 wins and a World Championship in the team’s only season. It’s neon-yellow stripes over plain white (and lack of sponsors) created a stark appearance and are now an iconic livery.

Daniel Demaras’ helmet has a real Jenson Button vibe to it, right down to the white crown and black pinstripe. Seeing Daniel drive a white open-wheel car in 2020 really hammered home that point.

For the 2021 TRAK Championship and 2021 Kart Stars Canada series, Daniel Demaras will once again sport a Formula 1 inspired livery, courtesy of the Decal Zone. The F1 replica livery originally had Bridgestone, Virgin and Brawn logos on it, exactly as the car raced in the Australian Grand Prix. But for Daniel’s No. 412 kart, his own sponsors’ logos have been added.

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