For Immediate Release: Covid-19 Update

Attention all Goodwood Kartways Members:

As you are surely aware, the Government of Ontario announced its ‘Three-Step Roadmap to Safely Reopen’ yesterday afternoon. Since the announcement, we have been overwhelmed by members seeking additional information and clarification that we simply do not possess at this time.

Your passion means the world to us at Goodwood Kartways and although we are just as excited as you are to get back on track, it’s of paramount importance that we do so in a safe and controlled manner. Know that we are working diligently to understand the announcement and obtain clarification on how it applies to karting specifically, and that we will pass on all knowledge gained as soon as we have it. Until then, your continued patience and understanding is required.

At this point, what we do understand is that yesterday’s announcement is a step in the right direction. As we seek approvals and continue to learn more, rest assured we will communicate with you all when we are able.

Stay tuned to the ‘News’ section of our website and/or our Instagram account @goodwoodkartwaysraceleagues for further updates as they become available.

Goodwood Kartways

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