Only a couple years ago, spring training was so early in April, the Goodwood crew had to shovel snow off the racetrack. But with the start of the 2021 season pushed back to June 19th, the day was filled with sunshine, cold drinks and even sunscreen.

First, it was time for some glamour shots of Demaras’ new challenger, the No 412 New Speed Motorsports / Briggs & Stratton / Intrepid F4K racing kart, sponsored by Scarboro Subaru / Paragon Competition / KPMG / Nostalgia Coffee Co. / Laird Auto Body / K1 Speed.

The Brawn F1 inspired livery looks incredible.

Out on track, Daniel took a couple sessions to better understand his 2021 kart. The new two-piston braking system is a major improvement, but running a set of worn out practice tires from last season meant it was very easy to exceed the limits of grip, and lock up.

By later afternoon, he’d gotten more comfortable and looked forward to a new set of slicks on Saturday, plus some chassis tuning courtesy of NSM’s resident karting guru, Uncle Leonard.

Friday’s are a little more laid back than race days. It provides teams and racers the opportunity to test new parts and setups without the pressure of competition. When the sessions were done, there was plenty of time to catch up with old friends at the track that for the first time since last October.

For Daniel Demaras, the highlight of the day was getting to go for a drive with fellow CRKC Champ and former PRO teammate, Matte Ferrari. These two have been like family since the day they met at the track all those years ago.

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