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This is what I like about Subaru. This morning, the Japanese manufacturer released a very artistic shot of the soon-to-be 2022 WRX. With the rising sun in the mountainous background, the car is all back-lit, and no details can be made out. The general shape of an aerodynamic 4-door coupe…sure. But no details.

Except that. The iconic hood scoop. Supplying fresh air to a top-mount intercooler, the basic architecture of the WRX is intact.

The car bears some resemblance to the VIZIV Performance STI concept from the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon. But that’s just the general silhouette. And we’ve been tricked by automakers before. Remember the concept of the Chevy Volt? Then you remember what we actually saw at bowtie dealerships? Not good. So I decided to visit my friends at Scarboro Subaru for the straight story on the just released pics of the 2022 WRX, and what to expect next.

I bumped into three generations of the Vigliatore family, who were giddy about what they had in the back of the shop. I put on my mask and ventured past the service desk to see it. Did they get hold of a Subaru 360? A fully restored XT6?

Nope. It was a land yacht.

A pristine 1978 Mercury Marquis Brougham. White with the blue, padded landau roof. This vehicle had a monster V8 under the hood, spats over the rear wheels, and simulated crocodile skin on the headlight covers. The ultimate in late ’70s excess from Detroit. This car had been in the extended family for decades, was loved by it’s mechanic owner, and has now been passed along to the grandson.

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