Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

On Sunday, many Mosport and Innisfil Indy racers made the trek out to Hamilton for CKN’s Dash for Cash event. It’s a special, non-points race that attracts racers from several clubs in southwestern Ontario.

Cody Schindel’s pictures showed many familiar faces. Daniel Demaras’ old PRO mechanic Chris P. pushing the No. 777 kart, NSM’s young lion Rocco Simone in ROK & Briggs, and Mother Nature making her presence felt on the track.

Some racers take every opportunity to compete in any event possible, like the Simone family, who this weekend Competed at TRAK Race 4 at Goodwood followed by Dash for Cash at Cameron Motorsports Park. Or true racing madmen like Yanko who has been known to drive across the province to compete in two races on the same day. Crikey!

The Demaras family seeks a little more balance between racing and family time. After racing, it’s camping.

It was kind of funny to see Daniel and Michelle playing a Nintendo Wii attached to the outside of the RV. Even funnier is that on the one day away from the track, they chose to play a kart racing game.

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