Just a reminder, on-line registration for TRAK Race 6/ KartStars Canada Round 2 will close tomorrow July 20th at 8pm. Fees are discounted for those of you taking advantage of the on-line registration process. As promoted, further discounts on Tires, Fuel and Oil are available only through the pre-register process. Logistics for this event are unique. The Tuesday deadline is important as our trucks will leave packed from Goodwood Wednesday afternoon. Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

Here is some information for our TRAK Club members:

1. TRAK Race #6 will be held this weekend as part of the KartStars Canada event. It is important to note that eligibility is granted to any drivers who holds a valid Club license. A National license is NOT required. As a TRAK Member you are all set.

2. This is a two-day event featuring a unique format depending of which class you race. Briggs classes are single day events with some taking place on Saturday and others on Sunday. Rok classes compete throughout the weekend.

3. This is a TRAK points race and as such TRAK points will be awarded based on your overall finishing position within your class. We will then rank the total points scored between TRAK members only and the TRAK member who scored the most points in their respective class will be awarded 1st Place Championship points. The TRAK member who scores the second most combined points in that same class will score 2nd place championship points. So on and so forth.

4. Transponder assignment will be done on site during registration hours only.

5. Remember pre-registration saves you money, makes you eligible for further discounts on consumables and closes TUESDAY night at 8pm!  

6. For those who don’t take advantage of pre-registration, on-site Registration will be open:

  • Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm and again between 4:00pm and 6:00pm
  • Saturday morning from 7:15am to 8:15am.
  • Sunday morning from 7:15am to 8:15am

To Register Now: Click HERE
To view the Friday Practice Schedule: Click HERE
To view the Saturday and Sunday Race Schedule: Click HERE

For more information on the KartStars Canada program and complete event details please isit www.kartsportcanada.ca

See you at the track!

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