~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

Time for the first ‘away race‘ of the 2021 season. Daniel and I jumped into my dad’s Subaru Forester XT turbo for a quick drive to Leamington. The Invidia dual exhaust played the songs of our people as we sped across the 401.

Fast forward a couple hundred kilometers, and we’re on a regional road just off the highway. Daniel and I decide to switch drivers for the last stretch into town, so we randomly pull into the first parking lot we could find. It’s just a dusty old garage with Sparky’s on the hand-painted sign.

Through the garage door we could see a mechanic working away under a rusty 1969 Mercury Cougar. We walked in just to say hi. After all, he was nice enough not to greet us with a rack of the 12-gauge and a “…the sign says private property, city slicker…” like we expected.

What a surprise we found.

Inside were a pair of 1957 fat-fender GMC pickups and a 1963 Continental with suicide doors. Sparky was nice enough to let us wander through his shop, and I almost expected to find three Piston Cups on the shelf. The map may say Sparky’s is located at 6295 Kent Rd 1 in Tilbury, but there’s so many classics in the shop, you’ll think you wandered into Radiator Springs.

We said goodbye to Sparky, and prepared for the last leg of the tip to Point Pelee Karting. In the parking lot out front in the sunshine was the top dog. A 1970 Dodge Challenger in Sublime neon green paint. I played tourist one more time, and posed for a picture, as Sparky asked if I was was interested in trading the Subaru station wagon for a real car.

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