Up before sunrise, the race weekend begins at the campsite at Musselman’s Lake. After some black coffee a quick 20 minute drive had Daniel and Chris at the gates of 3S Go-Karts in Sutton

A stacked schedule had Biggs Seniors / Masters on track 6 times. They were the first session of the day at 10:00 am, and the final group closing out the day before 5:00 pm.

The ‘Senna’ track configuration is extremely challenging. A tight, technical infield section caught many drivers off guard. As the track gripped-up, many drivers were up on two wheels in the corners. Trevor, Chris and Dale worked hard to take grip out of the No. 412 kart, freeing it up to unleash more speed.

Without any official timing sessions, it’s not easy to tell the pecking order in Briggs Masters this week.

Brian ‘The Botanist’ Bettencourt worked hard to improve the view from the SuperTune paddock, trimming a decade worth of overgrown trees and shrubs blocking his view of the track. Young ROK Sr racer Matte had released the negative ju-ju by writing on the leaves Brian would later prune. Very strange.

At the end of a long day at the track, caffeine withdrawal was setting in. Linda & Enzo (who’ve run 3S Go-Karts for 30+ years) didn’t have any fresh coffee available. But Luigi saved the day by pulling an espresso machine out of a Vortex engine box, and setting up a coffee bar on the tailgate of Chris’ truck. Makeshift espresso cups made out of cut-down water bottles. Shop towel serviettes made it a special moment that could only be experienced at the race track.

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