The 5th Round of the 2021 KartStars Canada series is this weekend. It marks the last big, regional event for the No. 412 kart. Demaras still has 3 more club races in the TRAK series to compete in between now and October. But Saturday marks the end of the racing calendar for many.

To give Daniel the best shot at racing glory, NBS Motorsports was tasked with preparing Demaras’ race motors. Engine builder Bonham worked his magic on one Briggs (the motor formerly named Skyler now stamped 412A) before the previous round at 3S Go-Karts in Sutton, and he produced 206 cc’s of fury that powered Demaras to a pole position and back-to-back podiums.

Now, the World Rally Blue, Subaru-inspired motor (formerly called Uniqua now badged Impreza and stamped 412B) has been ‘gone-over’ to unleash all the power available within the rules. Of note, the 412A was stripped down to the flywheel by inspectors twice at KartStars Round 4, passing tech.

Chris Demaras re-assembled the No. 412 kart (under the watchful eye of Trevor from Reeve Webster Racing) and prepared it for Saturday’s day-long race. Bearings were cleaned and greased, the clutch was removed and serviced, and the freshly-cleaned bodywork was bolted back on.

Goodwood’s Garage K12, the unofficial home-base of Demaras Racing, was cleaned and organized for the first time in…ever. The No. 412 sits ready, under its kart cover.

Track workers at Goodwood were seen installing new lighting at the podium. Although Goodwood Kartways ha been around ‘Since ’57‘ they continue to make real improvements in their facility this season. The Turn 1 wall is no longer the monster it once was. The new podium provides an excellent backdrop for parents/photographers. Enhanced lighting and video cameras are next up.

But first, the big Goodwood Night Race is ready to begin!

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