~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

The 2021 Canadian federal election is tonight, with incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a tight battle against Conservative candidate Erin O’Toole, while the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh is poised to become the ‘kingmaker’ to help form a minority government, and the Green Party are fielding candidate Annamie Paul.

You know where the candidates stand on foreign relations, and their parties’ economic plans. But Demaras Racing wants to know about their cars. What vehicle a person chooses as personal transportation, both now as a national political figure or years ago when first starting out, tells a lot about an individual.

Here are the candidates.

Liberal Party: Justin Trudeau

The article Canada Elects a Car Guy As Prime Minister kind of puts Trudeau in an early lead. The first car Justin drove was an El Camino, later he bought a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, drove a Volkswagen Jetta TDI while living in Vancouver, and also drove his late brother Michel’s old Ford Bronco. But the crown jewel in the Trudeau fleet is his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL which Justin drove on his wedding day. Nice.

New Democratic Party: Jagmeet Singh

The man wears well tailored suits, has an extensive Rolex collection, but he’s always being seen on that silly bicycle! How do people take him seriously! Easy…just wait until he folds up the bike and pops it into the trunk of his red BMW coupe. Excellent choice, sir!

Conservative Party: Erin O’Toole

Apparently this guy used to fly helicopters in the Royal Canadian Air Force, but the closest we could find to a picture of him not being chauffeured around in a black car was a vinyl-wrapped campaign vehicle with the fuel filler in his pie-hole. Also, there’s some online attack ads implying O’Toole’s an old pickup truck, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Green Party: Annamie Paul

Not going to say anything negative about the Green Party as there is some support for this group within the Demaras Racing team. Expected to find images of Annamie driving a Prius or a Chevy Volt or something like that. However, their leader does not seem to share our love of motor vehicles.

Whatever your political leaning, get out there and vote today!

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