2021 CRKC: R9

~ by Chris #16 Demaras ~

By Friday afternoon, I’d already worked a full day, the drove up to Goodwood Kartways. My buddy Trevor (from Reeve Webster Racing) met me at the track, and we prepared the No. 412 kart for Saturday’s club race. Daniel would be trying to clinch back-to-back championships, so we wanted to give him every advantage we could.

At some point, I was on my own. I was suited and booted and ready to race, but I still had work to do. In the background, young Matte Ferrari advised me on what steps to take, while checking the quality of the engine oil on the shelf. He’s a very supportive young man.

I heard my name over the loudspeaker and quickly rushed out on track. We were running reverse layout again, so I was confident that I could back up last week’s podium finish with another strong result.

Off the track I wrenched on Daniel’s kart, on the track I hustled my A&D kart as fast as I could. I knew I was overdoing it again, but I couldn’t stop.

As the hours ticked by, I was starting to feel exhausted!

The sun was setting, and temperatures were dropping. Grip was disappearing as quickly as the sunlight, and several racers (including yours truly) struggled to keep the kart on the island.

Except my young friend Miggy. That kid can drive in any conditions! He qualified P2, then in the Final, his kart got nailed from behind (remember that lack of grip?) dropping his way down the order. He put on a recover drive to finish on the podium. Way to go, Migster!

I wasn’t able to get back on the podium. I qualified 5th, and was quickly overtaken by my ‘racing rival’ Andy T. I had a quick kart, no doubt, but I couldn’t figure out where to pass Andy without dive-bombing him…and since he always races me clean, that wasn’t an option. I took my position back at Turn 6 and focused forward to gain more positions, but I took to long. White flag, checkered flag, race over exactly where I started in 5th place.

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