UPDATE: As of November 14th 2021, the No. 412 has been sold.

With the TRAK season complete, Garage K12 was emptied for the last time. This little corner of Goodwood Kartways has been ‘head office’ for Demaras Racing for several years, and the home of the No.412 kart which Daniel Demaras raced in 2021.

Purchased new in April 2021, the No. 412 kart is now for sale. The kart was only raced for 14 weekends, took pole position at Nationals, a win in KartStars, earned multiple podiums and the 2021 TRAK Championship in Briggs Masters. It has been meticulously maintained by New Speed Motorsports.

The Intrepid F4K chassis was a new design for 2021, with a narrow ‘waist’ and a straight bar at the back end of the chassis, allowing just the right amount of flex. The braking system was also improved, now using a floating brake disk and dual pistons. This provided improved stopping power, and retracts the brake pads to avoid dragging the brake on straights.

Daniel Demaras’ No. 412 kart is different than anything else on the grid:

  • Titanium components; light-weight and extremely strong, OTK sidepod bars, front crash bars and rear bumper brackets.
  • A custom-made, aluminum sprocket guard was added in place of the stock plastic unit for better protection.
  • A custom-made aluminum chain guard has been added. The rigid piece is bolted to the back of the chassis, protecting the engine if a competitor mounts the rear bumper.
  • Douglass vented magnesium front wheels with integrated hubs, mounted directly to the front spindle with a single 22mm nyloc nut (additional weight savings).
  • A hybrid ceramic bearing replaced the stock bearing in the Douglas wheels, minimizing rolling resistance.
  • OTK fiberglass and Kevlar seat that has never been drilled to add lead ballast. Even the drain hole drilled in the bottom had the edges finished with fiberglass resin.
  • An Odenthol Motor Mount is also included, providing a stable platform for power delivery.

The kart is in excellent mechanical condition, all bearing roll smooth and silent, and the frame is square within 2mm. Marco at Goodwood has a frame table to confirm this.

An excellent Briggs & Stratton LO206, race-prepped by Dale at NBS, is also be included . The race-winning engine has been pressure-tested, does not leak at all, and took multiple pole positions this season. It’s a monster.

Included with the sale are:

  • Two full sets of magnesium Douglas wheels (with Vega slicks)
  • One set of aluminum Douglas wheels (with Vega rain tires)
  • A kart stand and vinyl “Intrepid’ kart cover
  • Briggs & Stratton air filter cover (for rain races).
  • A new-in-box Briggs & Stratton air filter
  • An unopened case of Amsoil 4T racing oil
  • An unopened box of 4 Autolite spark plugs
  • Two spare spindles and one spare steering column.

A second even more powerful engine (with its own Odenthol plate for quick swap) is also available. Literally EVERYTHING a racer needs to go out next year and win races.

No expense has been spared on the parts and maintenance of this kart. Send inquiries to chrisdemaras@gmail.com or call (905) 640-5278 and speak to Marco at Goodwood to see it in person.

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