In an interview with the outspoken Jacques Villeneuve described last weekend’s battle between Hamilton and Verstappen in the Saudi GP as rental karting. The Canadian has also questioned whether the sport is becoming too much of a Hollywood show.

“It wasn’t F1, it was rental karting. Everything was wrong. So I’m not sure what to say…Do we want sport and good F1? Or do we just want a Hollywood show? If you want a Hollywood show, today was amazing. But is that what F1 is all about?”

Jacques Villeneuve, 1997 Formula 1 World Champion

2021 has been a shady season. Hamilton taking out Verstappen at the British GP resulted in a paltry penalty that had no impact on Hamilton’s victory. Then, Verstappen was given a win at the Belgian Grand Prix after driving only 3 laps behind the safety car. The points from a race that should never have been started could decide the Championship.

An intentional first-lap crash would be the picture-perfect ending to the 2021 season. So, tune in this weekend to see the exciting conclusion of the Ultimate Formula Championship!

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